Exclusive Features of the PackWasher Drywashers

1.Lexan (bullet proof plastic) under the riffles helps build more electrostatic charge (ION) than other drywashers, improves fine gold recovery.

2. Packwasher drywashers vibrate at a higher frequency (1800 pulses per minute compared to other brands at 600 to 800 ppm) this allows for faster ore prosessing, and better fine gold recovery. This also allows my drywashers to process material 1-1/2 to 2 times faster than conventional equipment of comparable size.

3. Deeper riffles and a large dead air space add to its efficiency.

4. One of a kind flow controler and centering device. No surging and less plug-ups.

5. With three sizes I have the right model for the back packer or recreational miner.


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HD 200 Highbanker Dredge
Mining Supplies
Dredge and Highbanker Supplies
Drywasher Supplies

I make three models of drywashers.

They can be ordered without the blower.

With an Echo PB-251.

Or with the PV-150 Dry Vac.

Blower and PV-150 come with a fully adjustable throttle control.

Mining in Oregon with the DM 100

Weighs 21 lbs will process 1/2 to 3/4 yards per hour. 1 to 2 person.
Classifier size 8" x 16", Vibrator box is 16" by 7" with 4 riffles.

Without blower $525.00

With Echo PB-251 blower $685.00

With PV150 vacuum$845.00
DM100 Deluxe

Picture at the top of this page.

Weighs 23 lbs., Processes 3/4 to 1 yard per hour. 2 to 3 person.
Classifier size 10" x 24", Vibrator box is 16" by 7" with 4 riffles.

Without blower$635.00

With Echo PB-251 blower$795.00

With PV150 vacuum $955.00
DM 300 with Echo PB-251 Blower

Weighs 29 lb., Processes 1-1/2 to 2 yards per hour, 3 or 4 man operation.
Classifier size 12" x 26", Vibrator box is 24" by 9" with 5 riffles.

Without blower$795.00

With Echo PB-251 blower$955.00

With PV150 vacuum$1,105.00
I also make a vacuum for getting into the crevices.

Pack Vac (PV-150 vacuum)

Comes with Echo PB-251 blower,
Translucent bucket (So you can see how full the bucket is),
Quick release top (for EZ cleaning),
Crevice tool, nozzle and 6 ft. of hose.

The complete unit$425.00
If you want to make your own Vacuum,
here are the hard to get parts.

Includes 6' of 2" hose, crevice nozzle and hose port
for the bucket.
All for $34.95
Just the hose port for the bucket

Includes the port, washers and screws,
to attach it to the bucket

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10593 Hwy. 152
Hillsboro, NM 88042
(575) 895-5745

Email: packwasher@juno.com

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