Features of the PackWasher

DPC200 Dredge/highbanker

1. Unique hungarian riffles.
2. Riffles seal to carpet to help retain the fine gold.
3. Miners' moss, ribbed mat and expanded metal at the head of the sluice.
4. Easy release riffles for fast cleanup.
5. Change header angle to suit conditions.
6. Header design saves recurculated water(for desert use).
7. Suction hose to header box connection eliminates most plugups.

Using a PackWasher dredge

Dredging: Set the unit in shallow water (18" or less). You may dredge in deeper water. Adjust legs to level sluice, with lower end of sluice at water level. Set up pump on bank. submerge a 5 gallon bucket and place the footvalve in the bucket. place a rock on footvalve to keep it at the bottom of the bucket. connect suction and pressure hoses. prime the pump per owner's manual before starting engine. With engine and pump working properly, some water will flow down the dredge box. when the nozzle is submerged in the stream, an increased flow will be noted as the stream flow is vacuumed into the system. as the nozzle is run over the stream bottom, sand and any gold there will flow through the suction hose into the dredge box.


HD200 High Banker Dredge
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This dredge/highbanker because of the design,
is called a dual purpose concentrator. DPC for short.
DPC 200

A 2" dredge/highbanker that weights 54 lbs. with
3-1/2 hp Briggs and Stration motor and 150 gpm pump
and 20' of 1-1/2" lay flat hose.

Highbanker Only$945.00

with 2" Suction Nozzle and 12' hose. $1,155.00
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Hillsboro, NM 88042
(575) 895-5745

Email: packwasher@juno.com

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